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Give $15 and we’ll send a set of two (2) lapel pins to a member of Congress in your name. All proceeds benefit the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, and the International Refugee Project.

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Your message will appear at the bottom of this letter:

Dear Member of Congress,

This set of lapel pins has been sent to you by a concerned citizen — most likely one of your constituents — who did not vote for Trump. Or, heck, maybe they did vote for Trump and now realize they made a terrible mistake. Either way, this citizen wants you to do your constitutional duty and remove Donald Trump from office. Encouraging the Russians to hack our election, possibly colluding with the Russians, definitely obstructing justice, lying to the American people, attacking our allies, violating the emoluments clause, gross incompetence—take your pick. The person who sent you this pin included a note for you. Please read it.

And please wear this tasteful lapel pin the next time you go on cable news or one of the Sunday news programs. Let your fellow Americans know you too think it’s time to IMPEACH THE MOTHERFUCKER ALREADY.
- Dan Savage